Monday, 4 February 2013

SQL Server Reporting Service Deliver Extension with User Control


Creation of a reporting service custom delivery extension is straight forward and there are many examples available over the Internet for reference (Print Delivery, FTP Delivery on CodePlex). But all of them has created custom server control if you want to take user inputs (like Rendering Format, Location etc) during subscription creation. Since creating a server control is both time consuming and tedious process, I will explain in this article, how to add user control (.ascx) instead. User control is relatively easy to create, debug, test and format.


While I was trying my hand on creating custom delivery extension of the reporting service, all the examples I have seen was using custom server control. I personally do not like server control if the control is not re-usable and can not be attached with visual studio tool box. So I tried creating a simple user control and added to my extension. It worked like a charm and help me save lots of time. Only drawback is that we also have to deploy User control (.ascx )on the report server.


The detailed article with source code is published at Please click here

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